Hem - The Sun - Stick Incense

Product Description
The Sun stick incense by Hem will certainly add a fiery aroma within your home or sacred space. You will immediately know these incense are of high quality the moment you open the pack and the scent of these hand rolled, imported incense meet your nose.

The scent within these incense is a fresh, fiery aroma with a hint of musk. Perfect for ritual, mediation or to liven up your home or sacred space. Made with high quality oils and ingredients. These incense will last up to 1/2 hour a piece (depending on the environment, it may be longer or shorter depending on air circulation and if the incense are exposed our hidden within an incense vessel). 

These smaller packs of incense are a great way to try out an incense before committing to a larger box. Get yours today and try them for yourself!

Size: 10.0" Hand Rolled Stick Incense
Quantity:  8 Gram Pack (8 sticks per pack)
Scent: Fiery and fresh with a hint of musk.
Burn Time: Up to 1/2 Hour

This item was featured within the 2015 Beltane Box
$ 2.00