Hand Dipped Bayberry Spell Candles

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There is a very old tradition surrounding bayberries and the winter season that stems back to the first American settlers. When they first arrived here, everything revolved around survival. During the winters, the most important goods were in short supply, including candles. At this time, candles were usually made from tallow (animal fat) which had an unpleasant odor when burned, didn’t particularly burn well, and could become rancid. Since many animals were slaughtered and put up for the winter, there was generally a tallow shortage at this time of year.

Colonists soon discovered that the abundant bayberry bushes were a source of a waxy substance that could be boiled down, producing a cleaner, better burning material for candle-making. Unfortunately, it takes fifteen pounds of berries to make one pound of wax, which made them very labor-intensive and expensive. It was sign of good luck and prosperity to be able to have bayberry candles around this time of the year. The luxury of owning and gifting bayberry candles quickly became a tradition and that tradition is to burn bayberry candles around this time of year (especially during the solstice and New Years) as a way to usher in prosperity and happiness for the new year.

The old saying goes: “For a bayberry candle burned to the socket brings joy to the heart and gold to the pocket.” 

• Prosperity Magick
• Money Magick
• Money Spells
• Success Magick
• Positive Manifestation Magick

Size: 8 inches.
Set of 2 candles connected by a round braided 100% pure cotton wick.

Each set of bayberry candles is hand dipped in real, authentic, bayberry wax and includes a pure cotton round wick for clean burning. 

These candles were featured inside the Yule Sabbat Box

$ 12.00

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