Hand Sewn Dream Eye Pillow w/Lavender & Chamomile

Product Description
These hand sewn dream eye pillows from The Little Green Dragon will add a calming and soothing addition to your meditation and dreamwork. Each soothing dream eye pillow is hand sewn and filled with lavender and chamomile, which are said to aid in sleep and dream magick and correspond to purification, protection tranquility and peace. Each soothing eye pillow is made with the softest flannel material in order to provide comfort when using. 

Place your dream eye pillow over your eyes, behind your neck, or even inside your pillowcase while meditating or prior to sleep. As you fly off into your meditation or into the astral ream, the aroma from your eye pillow will help keep you calm and grounded. You can use your dream eye pillow as is, or you can heat in the microwave for 5-10 seconds or cool in the freezer, for different effects. 

Size: 8.0" x 3.0"
Herbs inside: Lavender, chamomile and flax.
Intended to be used for: Dreamwork, dreaming, meditation and astral projection.

This item was featured inside the 2016 Litha/Midsummer Sabbat Box.
$ 10.95