Hand Sewn Attraction Eye Pillow w/Jasmine & Rose

Attraction Eye Pillow With Jasmine and Rose - Hand Sewn - Little Green Dragon
Product Description
Our hand sewn attraction eye pillows from The Little Green Dragon offers the scent of jasmine and rose petals to fill the senses and inspire thoughts of love. Each deeply scented attraction eye pillow is hand sewn and filled with jasmine and rose petals, which are said to aid with and correspond to love and attraction. Each attraction eye pillow is made with the softest flannel material in order to provide comfort when using. 

Place your attraction eye pillow over your eyes, behind your neck, or even inside your pillowcase while meditating or prior to sleep. You can use your attraction eye pillow as is, or you can heat in the microwave for 5-10 seconds or cool in the freezer, for different effects. 

Size: 8.0" x 3.0"
Herbs inside: Jasmine, Rose Petals and Flax.
Intended to be used for: Attraction, Love and Love Spells.
$ 10.95