Hand of Fatima Hanging Evil Eye Protection Talisman

Product Description

This Hand of Fatima evil eye talisman features a lovely silver toned filigree hamsa hand, assorted glass evil eye beads and a vibrant blue tassel. The hamsa is an ancient symbol that can be traced back to early Jewish and middle eastern religious belief. The hamsa is a sign of protection that also represents blessings, power and strength, and is seen as a potent talisman in deflecting the evil eye. The source of the hand itsself is representative of a few different meanings. Some believe the five fingers of the hand represents the five senses used to praise God. Some believe the hamsa is representative of the divine feminine. The word Hamsa stems from the Arabic word Khamsah, which means means "the 5 fingers of the hand."

The eye in the center is made of glass, which is a traditional material used when creating these types of evil eye talismans. Hang your evil eye talisman facing out a window of your home, on the inside of your front door handle, or upon a wall over your altar to keep negativity away and banish negative energies. Learn more about the history and lore of evil eye here.

Note: The components used to create this item are hand crafted and hand painted glass beads. Please allow for minor variances in beads and glass centerpiece. 

Size: 13.00" tall x 2.00" wide

$ 7.95