Grounding Earth Reiki Charged Diffuser Oil

Product Description
Grounding Earth diffuser oil by Kate's Magik is a grounding blend meant to center the mind and help reconnect us to the earth. Grounding Earth diffuser oil is made to also help keep us rooted to combat the chaos of modern life. Each oil is hand crafted in small batches and reiki charged. Use prior to spellwork, working magick, meditating, or to ground and center prior to yoga.

Made with 100% pure essential oils of:
• Himalayan Cedar Wood
• Frankincense
• Juniper

Size: 5.0 ml

Use this oil in an oil diffuser or an atomizer, place a few drops in a carrier oil to wear on your pulse points, or even place a few drops in your favorite lotion. Kate's Magik makes aromatherapy products made to inspire conscious living, restore balance and promote holistic wellness by the power of intention. 

This item was included inside the 2016 Yule Sabbat Box.
$ 11.95