Greenman Ritual Mists - 2.0 oz

Product Description
Greenman Ritual Mists by Sun's Eye is used to celebrate the connection between us, our ancestors, and the masculine aspects of nature. Use it to honor and balance the masculine, within and without. Use it prior to working magic to invoke masculine energies or use it prior to meditation. Ritual mists are perfect for those who cannot burn smudge sticks or do not like or cannot burn incense, but still want to consecrate their space. Just spray around your home or sacred space before casting circle, before meditation or spray to rid any built up negative energies. Greenman Mist is a traditional blend of frankincense and cypress essential and fragrance oils mixed with pure distilled water.

Size: 2.0 oz spray bottle

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This item was included inside the 2016 Yule Sabbat Box.
$ 3.99