Evil Eye Hanging Home Protection Talisman

Product Description

This unique evil eye talisman is set into a pewter toned eye shaped base and features several dangling evil eye beads and a vibrant blue tassel. The eye in the center is made of glass, which is a traditional material used when creating these types of talismans. Hang your evil eye talisman facing out a window of your home, on the inside of your front door handle, or upon a wall or over your altar to keep negativity away and banish negative energies. Learn more about the history and lore of evil eye here.

Note: The components used to create this item are hand crafted and hand painted. Please allow for minor variances in beads and glass centerpiece. 

Size: 12.00" tall x 4.00" wide

This item was featured within the 2016 Mabon Sabbat Box.  

$ 7.95