Crescent Moon Hand Carved Wood Necklace

Product Description
A beautiful crescent moon necklace that has been carved from wood and comes with a multi-strand cord. Its crescent has been stained in an elegant mahogany, which lends it a deep, enchanting color. This crescent moon necklace would make for a perfect piece of ritual jewelry, reserving it for a special magickal occasion, like coven meetings or ritual. Its simplistic and light weight design would make it a great necklace to wear day to day as well. The moon (as well as the crescent moon) has long been an honored symbol among many cultures. Its celestial presence corresponds with the divine feminine and commonly serves as a feminine archetype of nature. The small spirals and swirls adorning the pendant are also representative of the goddess too. It truly is a beautiful piece of magical jewelry, fit for any witch.  

Necklace Length: 11 inches
Pendant Height: 2.25 inches
Pendant Width: 2.00 inches 

Since each necklace is hand carved and hand stained, there may be minor variations in the design and color shown.  

This item was featured in the Mabon Sabbat Box.
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