Celtic Stag Altar Tile/Plaque

Celtic Stag Altar Tile - Altar Plaque by Paul Borda
Product Description
This magical Celtic Stag altar tile makes for the perfect sized altar tile to adorn your home or sacred space. The mythic stag is a Celtic emblem of wildness, sovereignty, and the bountiful forest and crops. Cernunnos, the Celtic God of Abundance, is known to shape shift into a “stag of seven tines.” Run with him in the forests of your mind and be open to the mysteries he might unveil for you. The stag is honored through the summer and harvest season, as it is a representation of the divine masculine. 

Use as an altar tile or imbue with your own protective magick to turn it into a home talisman and hang by your door. 

Size: 3.0" x 3.0" x 0.5"
This Celtic Stag altar tile/plaque is made from cold cast resin with a wood colored finish. Back of each plaque comes lined with felt and with small hook if you would like to hang it on your wall. 

This item was featured within the 2016 Lammas Sabbat Box.
$ 15.00