Black Sage Smudge Stick 3 inch - (Mugwort)

Product Description
Fresh, wild crafted black sage smudge sticks make for a perfect addition to any witches supply chest! Black sage, also known as mugwort, is very closely tied to divination, astral projection and psychic power, making it a potent magical herb commonly used by witches, especially during the sabbat and full moon. Some may mix mugwort, rosemary, salt and water to create a consecrated ritual concoction that can be used as a ritual sprinkle prior to working magick or to aid in casting circle. 

Though it is called “black sage,” technically it isn’t actually "sage" at all. Black sage is actually just another name for mugwort, but is often referred to as “black sage” because of its similar protective properties like sage itself.
Black Sage Information:
• Sold in single, individual packs
• Size: 3.5 to 4.0+ inches
• Burn Time: Up to 45 minutes.

This item was featured within the Samhain Sabbat Box for 2015.
$ 3.50

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