Black Obsidian Gemstone Set

Product Description
Black Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass, and is created when hot lava comes into contact with water and is rapidly cooled, forming a powerful stone with a deep dark color. Black obsidian is said to provide strong psychic protection an shields against negative energies. It is also a great stone for grounding. Obsidian is also said to aid with divination and channeling, making it a perfect stone to have around when working magick. 

Each Set Comes With:
• 1 Black Obsidian Stone
• 1 Info Card For Your Book of Shadows
• 1 Black Organza Bag For Safe Keeping

Each obsidian will very in size, shape and color. Average size is 1.0" to 2.0" and weighs between 1-2 ounces.

This item was featured within the Samhain Sabbat Box for 2015.
$ 2.00

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