Abundance Spell Candle Blessing Kit

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Our home blessing spell candle kits contain a triad of three hand poured, blessed herbal votive spell candles by Coventry Creations. These spell candles are the smaller votive version of the popular blessed herbal pillar candles, made of the same natural ingredients as their larger counterparts. This kit contains herbal candles made with herbs that correspond with abundance. Burn all three at once, individually, or burn them upon your altar while working magick or performing a ritual. These spell candles are hand poured in conjunction with the cycle of the moon, in order to lend corresponding lunar energies to the candles. These make great house warming gifts to friends as well.

Your kit will include 3 herbal candles & a candle blessing:
  • Prosperity candle: Made with bergamot and clove. Bergamot is associated with attracting prosperity and success. Clove, a masculine herb, is associated with protection, love and money. 
  • Attraction candle: Made with lavender. Lavender is associated with love, happiness, healing and protection.
  • Stability candle: Made with cypress and patchouli. Cypress is associated with purification, cleansing, protection and banishing. Patchouli is associated with love, manifesting prosperity and success.
"My life is filled with unlimited prosperity. I am released from the beliefs and attitudes that block me from my desired Abundance."

Size: 1.75" x 2.25"
Burn Time: 10 hours

Purchase full size versions of the blessed herbal pillar spell candles. Pairs well with our ritual and anointing oils too.

This item was featured within the 2016 Lammas Sabbat Box.
$ 14.95

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