4 Thieves Vinegar - 2oz

Product Description
Our 4 Thieves Vinegar is traditionally hand crafted with high quality herbal ingredients in order to assist with rituals and spells pertaining to banishing, protection and healing magick. It is from the legend of the four thieves that witches and magickal practitioners have adopted the use of this potent liquid. Use a few drops in a ritual bath to prevent psychic attacks. Anoint with it for protection and banishing as well as to remove negativity. Some also may use four thieves for healing magick as well. 

As the black plague swept through France, four thieves looted the dead without fear of falling ill or getting infected. When they were apprehended for their crimes, they confessed the ingredients of their secret concoction in exchange for their lives. They said they covered themselves in a vinegary mixture prior to coming in contact with the dead or the infected, claiming this is what kept them safe. It is from this story that witches and magickal practitioners adopted the use of four thieves vinegar. It is most commonly used in rituals and spells that pertaining to protection, banishing, and healing. 

Ingredients: Made with apple cider vinegar infused with rosemary, parsley, white sage, thyme, garlic, clove and lavender.

This item was featured within the 2016 Samhain Sabbat Box.
$ 7.00