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This particular collection of products contains items featured within our previous Sabbat Boxes. Did you happen to miss out on a previous Sabbat Box? Maybe you just found out about Sabbat Box or forgot to join before the a subscription cutoff. Maybe you are a Sabbat Box member and fell in love with a certain product from within your Sabbat Box and wish to purchase more of that specific product. Well we have you covered! Here at Sabbat Box, we do plan on making some featured products from previous boxes available for individual purchase. Some supplies may be limited. If you have any questions about the products from a previous box or would like to speak with other members about Sabbat Boxes they have received in the past visit the Sabbat Box Community or the Sabbat Box Facebook Page to engage with our members. You can visit the Sabbat Box Youtube Channel and watch previous Sabbat Box unboxing videos, or contact us with any questions.

Shop Previously Featured Sabbat Box Products

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Shaman Stone Set Moqui Marble Set With Info Card and Bag - Sabbat Box
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Palo Santo Ritual Clearing Spray By Sun's Eye - Sabbat Box
Palo Santo Clearing Spray - 2.0 oz

Ritual Sprays

$ 4.99
Hand Painted Wooden Egg Shaker/Maraca

Ritual Instruments

$ 6.95
Smudging Prayer Parchment


$ 1.95
Guinea Fowl Feather


$ 2.95
Sold Out
Hand Burned Elemental Pentacle Kitchen Witch Spoons - Kitchen Witch Wands - By Primitive Witchery
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A Hedgerow Cookbook by Glennie Kindred - Wooden Books - Sabbat Box
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Lammas Lughnasadh Altar Incense and Oil Set By Lailoken's Awen - Sabbat Box