Witch’s Purse Witch’s Brew Spell Candle - 6.5 inch Pillar

Product Description

Want to fill your purse or wallet? Our Witch's Purse Witch's Brew Spell Candle from Coventry Creations might just help you get there. These hand-poured all-natural wax candles are green to correspond to intent: financial success! The sweet blended scent of date and bergamot will waft throughout your sacred space and help facilitate prosperity and money matters.

Bergamot (also called Orange Mint) has been frequently placed in wallets and purses to help attract money. Its leaves are also sometimes rubbed on money to ensure that the currency finds its way back to its holder. Dates--the fruit of certain types of palm trees--have been revered as far back as ancient Egyptian and Babylonian times for their potency and vitality and referred to their characteristics associated with return or resurrection. This intoxicating mixture will burn and create a powerful space while you work to create and foster your intent towards abundance and freedom from lack.

Coventry Creations has been hand pouring candles for over 15 years and use only the finest waxes and ingredients to create their candle line. All candles are hand poured "when the moon is right.” Each Witch’s Brew pillar candle comes with a spell to inspire your magical efforts.

Size: 6.5" x 2.5"
Burning Time: 80 Hours
Weight: Just under a pound 

Blessing: "By earth, by air, by water, by fire; wealth of coin, in magic I now sire. The fears, the blocks and other unknowns are cleared by the maiden, mother and crone. By horn and hoof the lord will bless, fill my pockets with riches free of stress."

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$ 20.00