Guardian/Protection Poppet Kit w/Instructions

Product Description
The guardian protector hand crafted protection poppet kit has everything you need to make your own poppet, voodoo doll, conjure doll, spirit doll or effigy doll.

This poppet kit comes with the following:
• 1 8 inch, hand sewn, black felt poppet/effigy doll (with small opening on top of the head for filling)
• Three 1oz bags of herbs corresponding with protection (star anise, alfalfa, raspberry leaf)
• 1 Crystal (magnetic hematite)
• 1 Filling stick
• Needle and thread 
• Simple instructions and ritual

Poppets can be used for many things and are an extremely versatile form of sympathetic magick that are used by witches and pagans. Poppets can be used for healing magick, protection magick, love magick and can even be used for malevolent magick. Each kit comes with a basic ritual for positive protection magick which can be used as an outline for your own specific intent or can be used as inspiration to work your own ritual pertaining to your needs.

This item was featured within the 2016 Samhain Sabbat Box
$ 21.95