Purple Moon Goddess Altar Cloth - 36" x 36"

Purple Moon Goddess Altar Cloth
Product Description
This mystical purple moon goddess altar cloth will surely invoke the enchanted spirit of the Goddess to your home, altar and sacred space. The Goddess, also known as the triple goddess, is the embodiment of the "sacred feminine." The moon goddess is a popular symbol within modern neopaganism and has been adopted by many magickal practitioners as a simple representation and archetype of the divine feminine. The moon goddess is a mother type figure, but can also be used to represent mother nature as well as deities from various pantheons of belief. 

This particular moon goddess altar cloth is adorned with a large Goddess with her arms open outward, standing in front of a crescent moon. 

Total Size: 36.0" x 36.0"
100% Rayon. Do not iron, wash gently in cold water. 

This item was featured inside the Imbolc Sabbat Box.
$ 14.99