Protection Ritual Bath - 4oz

Protection Ritual Bath By The Sacred Well - 4oz
Product Description
This protection ritual bath by The Sacred Well is hand blended with a special proprietary mix of herbs, oils and salts to remove, banish and purify negative situations in your life.

Instructions: Place 1/4 of the protection ritual bath into your tub. If you prefer, you can fill a cotton tea bag with 1/4 of the ritual bath blend to steep in your tub or hang from your shower. You could also steep the contents of the bath in a pot of water and then pour the water over yourself in the shower after the water has cooled. You could use it as a scrub as well. 

Ingredients: Black Hawaiian volcanic salt, angelica, black cohosh, life everlasting flower (helichrysum), clove and wormwood, blended with a proprietary mix of additional herbs and essential oils. 

Size: 4.0 oz bag (4 individual uses)
$ 8.00