Northwest Cone Incense - 25 pack

Product Description

Northwest cone incense are an earthy incense intended to be used to strengthen your connection to your higher self and sharpen your mental awareness. Each cone contains a fresh blend of cedar wood with hints of amber, lavender and patchouli to help quiet a busy mind, allowing you to dive deeper into your inner-self and focus on your intention with your spellwork. These select aromatic herbs have traditionally been used to achieve inner peace and harmony throughout history. 

Light a Northwest cone incense prior to performing spells, rituals, meditation or prayer to help manifest  high vibrational energy, and to connect to higher states of mind while helping to increase your focus and intent. 

Northwest cone incense are Apophyllite gem essence infused and are made of organic, wild-harvested sacred tree resins, herbs, oils and other natural aromatic components by Higher Mind Incense company in Oregon. Each batch of incense are made using ancient aromatherapeutic principles and techniques which result in a rich, deep aroma when burned, easing one into higher states of relaxation, calmness and tranquility. 

• Amber
• Lavender
• Patchouli
• Cedar Wood

Size: 25 handmade incense cones per pack.
Each pack of Northwest incense comes with a small piece of cedar within as well. 

$ 7.25