Magical Powers Ritual Powder - .50 oz

Product Description

Our Magical Powers ritual powder from The Sacred Well was made to help one harness and amplify the very energies of magick, will and intent into a spell or ritual. Each vial, capped with a natural cork, contains a potent, proprietary blend of herbs and essential oils that correspond to magick, will and manifesting ones intent. Our magical powers ritual powder has a plethora of uses and is extremely versatile, making it a wonderful spell component to have on hand for any magickal practitioner or witch. 

• Dress spell candles with powders
• Burn powders on a charcoal disk as incense
• Add to a mojo bag or gris gris bag
• Use as a house sprinkle
• Place within an offering bowl
• Use as an offering to the divine
• Place within a poppet

Size: 1/2 ounce of ritual spell powder in glass vial with cork stopper.

$ 3.95