Lammas Corn Husk Doll Kit By Sabbat Box

Product Description
Our Lammas-Lughnasadh Corn Doll Kits were Sabbat Boxes' first exclusive product to be featured inside our pagan subscription boxes. There is so much lore and history surrounding Lammas and the Corn Dolly, and we realized that there wasn't many places where one could purchase pre made corn dolly kits, so we decided to create our very own, to share with the Pagan community. 

There are many variations of the history of the corn doll and the significance it played within the lives of our pagan ancestors. Part of the significance was the fact that the corn doll represented an idol of sympathetic magick, which was created to be used to bring about prosperity, blessings and abundance with the next years crops.

You could use your con husk doll in the same way. Our corn dolly kits give you the ability to lend your own will, intent and magick within it when making it. As you make your doll, visualize the blessings, and prosperity that you do have in your life. Place it upon your altar to represent such. One could also use the corn dolly as a poppet to manifest something into fruition or to banish and rid. Sympathetic magick is quite versatile and knows no limits. In essence, there are many ways one could use a corn husk doll magickally.

Each Kit Contains:
• 5 Cut, Cured & Dried Corn Husks
• Pre Cut/Pre Sized Twine
• A link to our Corn Dolly how-to video
• Step by Step Instructions

This item was featured in our Lammas Sabbat Box
$ 6.50

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