Lammas Apple Cinnamon Scone Mix Kit

Product Description

Our Lammas Apple Cinnamon Scone Mix makes for the prefect representation of the first harvest in one simple, easy to make scone mix. Traditionally, bread making is common with Lammas, but we wanted to offer our members something that could be used magically (as an offering or for cakes and ale) or mundanely as a delicious first harvest treat. 

Each Lammas Scone Mix Comes With:
• 1 Packet Of Scone Mix
• 1 Packet Of Cinnamon
• 1 Packet Of Cinnamon/Sugar
• 1 Packet Of Dried Apples
• 5 Inch Mini Whisk
• Cooking Directions
• Nutritional Information

Our Lammas Apple Cinnamon Scone Mixes will make roughly 9 scones (nine, the number of magick). Our scone mixes are made up of the highest quality ingredients to insure the most respectable recipe for magickal or mundane use. 

$ 6.95