Jinx Removing Spell Candle Blessing Kit

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Our jinx removing spell candle kits contain a triad of three hand poured, blessed herbal votive spell candles by Coventry Creations. These spell candles are the smaller votive version of the popular blessed herbal pillar candles, made of the same natural ingredients as their larger counterparts. This kit contains herbal candles that are made with herbs corresponding to removing negative energies/jinxes. Burn all three at once, individually, or burn them upon your altar while working ritual or performing spell work. These spell candles are hand poured in conjunction with the cycle of the moon, in order to lend corresponding lunar energies to the candles. 

Your kit will include 3 herbal candles & a candle blessing:
  • Energy Votive: Made with ginger and yellow sandalwood, for bringing forth energy and will.
  • Needed Change/Banishing Votive: Made with sandalwood, associated with protection and healing.
  • Protection Votive: Made with myrrh, associated with lifting vibrations, protection & exorcism.
"All discordant energies that surround me are cut and sent into the earth. I transform thoughts and emotions that held the jinx to me into empowering energy."

Size: 1.75" x 2.25"
Burn Time: 10 hours

Purchase full size versions of the blessed herbal pillar spell candles. Pairs well with our ritual and anointing oils.
$ 13.95 $ 14.95

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