Home Blessing - Blessed Herbal Affirmation Spell Candle

Product Description

Our magical home blessing spell candles, part of the blessed herbal affirmation spell candle line by Coventry Creations, will help aid you with your magickal workings regarding the home. This redwood color herbal candle is made with high quality natural waxes and is infused with rose & myrrh essential oils. Each candle by Coventry Creations is hand poured, when the moon is right, taking into account the astrological timing when the candles are made.

Candle correspondences: This herbal spell candle is made with Rose and Myrrh. Rose is said to correspond to love, happiness, joy, comfort and passion. Myrrh, a sacred resin used all the way back by the ancient Egyptians corresponds with protection, consecration as well as clearing. By combining the two, you can see why together, they make a great spell candle for home blessing.

Each Blessed Herbal Affirmation Spell Candle comes with an affirmation. Affirmations, when fully embraced, can fill your body, mind and spirit with life changing perspective. 

My true home resides within the center of myself. From this place, I energize and bless my surroundings, creating a warm and balanced home.

Size: 2.0 x 4.0 inch pillar
Burn Time: 40 hours
Weight: 7.0 oz.

This item was featured in the Mabon Sabbat Box.

$ 13.00