Greenman Altar Cloth - 36" x 36"

Greenman Altar Cloth
Product Description
This magical Greenman altar cloth will definitely bring the earthy spirit of the Greenman to your altar or sacred space. The Greenman, also known as Jack o' the Wood as sometimes also considered an archetype of Cernunnos and is the embodiment of the "sacred masculine." A nature spirit, the Greenman is commonly depicted with a leafy face and is made up of branches and vines. He is a protector as well as a hunter. The Greenman is also a symbol of nature, rebirth, growth and power. 

This super soft and lightweight altar cloth makes for an enchanting accompaniment to any witches ritual setting.

Total Size: 36.0" x 36.0"
100% Rayon. Do not iron, wash in cold water gently. 

This item was featured inside the Imbolc Sabbat Box.
$ 14.99