Gratitude Ritual Powder - 1/2 oz

Product Description
Each bag of gratitude ritual powder by The Sacred Well contains a potent hand crafted mixture of herbs and essential oils to help you manifest your magical intent. The herbs and essential oils within this particular ritual powder are said to correspond to gratitude and happiness. Ritual powders are quite versatile and can be used for numerous ritual and magickal purposes. Each ritual powder carries a wonderful scent too. 

Use your gratitude ritual powder to:
• Dress spell candles
• Burn ritual powders as incense on a charcoal disk
• Add to a mojo or gris gris bag
• Place in an offering bowl or vessel as a gratitude offering
• Sprinkle around your home or sacred space to manifest gratitude

Size: 1/2 oz bag

This item was featured in the Mabon Sabbat Box.
$ 3.50