Grandfather Sun Cone Incense - 25 pack

Product Description

Grandfather Sun cone incense are handmade incense made with the intent to promote and honor the divine masculine and the strong, "Yang" energies of the sun. Each incense cone contains a robust blend of copal, palo santo and frankincense which also aids in balancing the excess of Yin (emotional) energy. 

Light a Grandfather Sun cone incense while performing spells or rituals pertaining to masculine deities or Gods, drawing down the sun, as well as honoring the masculine aspects of nature. Grandfather Sun incense are also great to use and incorporate into spells of conjuring up energy, personal power, casting circle, sun magick, or working with the element of fire. 

Grandfather Sun cone incense are Herkimer Diamond gem essence infused and are made of organic, wild-harvested sacred tree resins, herbs, oils and other natural aromatic components by Higher Mind Incense company in Oregon. Each batch of incense are made using ancient aromatherapeutic principles and techniques which result in a rich, deep aroma when burned, easing one into higher states of relaxation, calmness and tranquility. 

• Copal
• Palo Santo
• Frankincense
• Patchouli 

Size: 25 handmade incense cones per pack.

$ 7.25