Cinnamon Besom Yule Ornament

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These magical cinnamon broom/cinnamon besom Yule ornaments will surely add a mystical feel to your holiday tree. 

There are many traditions surrounding Yule that have been “borrowed” by other cultures and faiths; one of the most common traditions we tend to share is decorating a tree. Each of our besom ornaments is handmade and dipped in pure cinnamon essential oil. Your ornament will fill the room with a warm winter scent. Don’t have a tree? Use your besom in its “traditional” place in spellwork as a protective talisman for your home. Hang above the inside of your front door for protection and to keep evil from entering.

Each besom comes with a 1" sterling plated pentacle pendant and a metal ornament hanger. 

Size: approximately 3” x 3”
Note: Due to the handmade nature of these besoms, size and shape may vary.

This items was featured inside the Yule Sabbat Box
$ 3.50

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