Celtic Tree of Life Dream Journal

Celtic Tree of Life Dream Journal With Pentacles - Sabbat Box
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This intricately embossed Celtic tree of life dream journal makes for the perfect sized diary to keep track of your dreams. The unique dark blue color of this journal is adorned with Celtic knotting around the outer portion, with pentagrams scattered about. Each book is contains blank, acid free, sustainable forest paper. Each book comes with a matching page marker that is bound into the book.

Keep your dream book by your bed with a pen, so you are able to write down your dreams when you wake. Make note of keywords, images and symbols that you see in your dreams so that nothing important is missed. By keeping record of your dreams, you will be able to reflect and interperate them at a later time. In time, you will be able to see patterns and recurring themes which will give you greater insight and understanding regarding your inner being, unconscious, and soul.

5.0 x 7.0"
Hard Cover
Total Pages: 160 pages
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This item was featured inside the 2016 Litha/Midsummer Sabbat Box.
$ 14.95

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