Black Stone Smudge Pot

Product Description
This hand carved black stone incense and smudge pot is made from a sturdy black soapstone and mimics the appearance of a cauldron. The outside is hand polished. The inside of this smudge pot is the perfect size for burning or storing smudge sticks, resin incense or loose incense. You can also use this black stone bowl as an incense burner for incense sticks and cones, just fill its basin with sand to hold stick incense and cones, or to be used to insulate the pot for charcoal burning incense. 

This could also be used as an offering bowl on your altar, and due to its deep dark black color, it could be used for scrying as well. This hand carved and polished black stone bowl is quite versatile and has many magical and mundane applications. 

Size: 4.00" Wide x 2.50" High
Weight: 1.3 lbs.
$ 14.95