2017 Witches’ Calendar by Llewellyn

Product Description

Align your spirit to the ebb and flow of time and discover a source of ancestral wisdom. Rich with beautiful imagery and filled with important celestial dates and reminders, the Witches’ Calendar pulls you deeply into the rhythms of the natural world.

Explore this inspiring resource again and again to enliven your practice with Moon signs and phases; planetary motion (including retrogrades); daily color correspondences; solar and lunar eclipses; days for fishing and planting; and even lunar gardening tips. With original scratchboard art by Kathleen Edwards and unforgettable spells, essays, and rituals by popular authors, this calendar will help you attune your life and spiritual practice to the Wheel of the Year. Llewellyn’s Witches’ Calendar -- A Tradition Since 1998

JanuaryRoad Opener Spell - Diana Rajchel
February: Groundhog Day Goal - Dallas Jennifer Cobb
March: A Bird Blessing - Lupa
April: Earth Day Grass Ritual - James Kambos
May: Maypole Celebration - Deborah Blake
June: Honoring the Father God - Sybil Fogg
July: Bee Community Blessing - Monica Crosson
August: Cool as a Cucumber - Thuri Calafia
September: Fall Flowers - Ember Grant
October: Peak of Perfection - Elizabeth Barrette
November: Gratitude at the Table - Barbara Ardinger
December: Activity and Hibernation - Blake Octavian Blair

SIZE: 12.00" x 12.00"

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