2016 Magical Almanac by Llewellyn

Product Description
The 2016 Magical Almanac by Llewellyn is the latest annual addition of a series that has been inspiring all levels of magical practitioners for over twenty years. Filled with practical spells, rituals, and fresh ideas, you’ll find new ways to deepen your craft and improve everyday life.

This edition features nearly three dozen compelling articles, grouped by element, on everything from magical pets to beauty tips. Also included is a handy calendar section—shaded for easy “flip to” reference—featuring world festivals, holidays, and the 2016 Sabbats. You’ll also find astrological info, plus incense and color correspondences, to empower your magical work.

  • Invoke the power of the earth with chalk magic, evolutionary ancestor spirits, and copper energy rods
  • Discover the spiritual gifts of elemental angels, color and bottle magic, and Sabbat rituals
  • Stoke your inner fire through magical transformation, candle magic, and crossroads witchcraft
  • Dive into water magic using gem elixirs, shell games, and more

Size: 5” x 8” x 1
336 pages.

$ 7.00 $ 11.99