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Please enter your contact information below. We will contact you via email as soon as we have an open slot for new members to join. Please add to your email's address book/safe list to insure your invitation makes it to your inbox and not your spam folder when we send it.

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  • Our waiting list is first come, first serve. When a new Sabbat Box membership slot becomes available, we will e-mail an invitation to join to the next person on the waiting list. 
  • Once we e-mail your special invitation, you have 48 hours to register. If you do not register within 48 hours of receiving your invitation, your special invitation becomes inactive.
  • Sabbat Boxes are currently only available to residents of the United States.

Note: When we contact you, we will send you a link to the Sabbat Box signup form to the email address you specified above. If you have any questions or concerns in reference to the waiting list, you can contact us at anytime and we will be happy to help.
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